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fair launch elastos (esc)

The original Token, Silver (SILVER) was launched on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) on November 15th, 2021.

SILVER Token Holders will be Airdropped a new governance Token, SilverStarter Token (SST) March, 2022. 

expansion of real use-cases
introducing the Silver starter Launchpad

purchasing Silver

using Glide Finance on the elastos side-chain (esc)


purchase ELA

we recommend Huobi global
or Kucoin

Please make sure to use only vetted exchanges with high volume. Both Huobi Global and Kucoin are well respected and safe exchanges for the purchase of ELA on MainChain. 


Transfer ELA to ELA (ESC)

using Essentials

Transfer your purchased ELA to the Essentials wallet Next, transfer your ELA Main chain Tokens to the ELA Sidechain using the “transfer” button. Send your ELA Sidechain funds to Metamask, use: NAME: Ela Sidechain, Chain 20 and RPC URL 


purchase SilverStarter(SST)

using glide finance

Go to then connect your Metamask wallet with your ELA SideChain coins. Trade ELA SideChain directly for SST 

More about Silver

Since the successful launch of Glide.Finance, Silver has been working behind the scenes in order to support and build new mechanisms in order to ensure a safe and secure experience for Gilde users.

The Silver Team recognizes the need for professional vetting services via a LaunchPad platform. This will help mitigate the risk for investors while providing the first use-case for the Silver Ecosystem.

As we continue to build and manage the Silver Ecosystem whilst supporting Glide, we will continue to provide additional use-cases for Silver in the coming months.

What our silver owners say
about us


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invest in silver today

real use-cases and growth opportunities

A Team of OG Elastos Supports have been developing Silver behind the scenes in order to provide opportunities for Quality projects to list their Tokens on the Elastos Side-Chain. We are long Term Supporters of the ELA Vision.

Join the Silver Project


March 6

Silver (SILVER) Token Migration to SilverStarter (SST) Token

  • Token Holder SILVER snapshot taken.
  • Early Investors Eligible for Bonus Tokens.
February 28

Deployment of SilverStarter LaunchPad

  • SilverStarter LaunchPad Deployed.
  • Commence Marketing/Advertising Campaign
  • Partner with Select Farming/Staking Platforms.
  • Additional Use-Cases for Silver added.
January 30

LaunchPad Progress Report #2

  • Updates regarding Code Developments (both front-end and back-end) released to community.
  • Changes/updates to timeline announced.
  • Screenshots of code and LaunchPad functionalities released.
January 13

LaunchPad Progress Report#1

  • Progress Report Created by Lead Dev & LaunchPad Dev.
  • Will include screenshots of Code.
December 21

CR SilverStarter Proposal PASSED

The SilverStarter Proposal was passed by Cyber Republic with 10/12 Counselors voting “Yes.”

November 24

SilverStarter Suggestion Submitted

  • The SilverStarter LaunchPad Suggestion with help from CR Rep Submitted.
  • The Draft will be vetted by a CR rep prior to moving to Proposal
  • LuanchPad Devs interviewed and Vetted.
November 17

Project Initiation

  • Elastos Silver Contract deployed on the Elastos Side Chain
  • Contract renounced
  • Community Vote Regarding whether to burn 10K Silver, Distribute 10K to holders or use 10K for Treasury.
  • Voting results in, 10K Silver Burned.